Growth Characters and Performance of BARI SP- 10 and BARI SP-11: The Newly Released High Yielding Sweet Potato Varieties in Bangladesh

Haridas Chandra Mohanta, Md. Khalilur Rahman Bhuiyan, Biresh Kumar Goswami, Mohammad Hossain, Shamsun Noor, Sreekanth Attaluri




This article reports the yield performance in the regional and farmer’s field trials of two sweet potato genotypes viz., ‘H8’-a clonal hybrid developed from open cross with BARI SP-6, BARI SP-7, BARI SP-9 and ‘SP-613’-a clonal hybrid developed from open cross with BARI SP-7, BARI SP-8, BARI SP-9 which were released as ‘BARI SP-10’ and ‘BARI SP-11’ respectively by the National Seed Board (NSB) of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Bangladesh in 2013. The leaf of BARI SP-10 is green, complete and non-serrated, edge of leaf, leaf vine, petiole and stem slightly pinkish. Tuber is large sized with light brown skin and light yellow flesh. The leaf of BARI SP-11 is light green, non-serrated, heart shaped, leaf vein, petiole and stem clearly pink colored. Tuber is medium to large sized with reddish-pink skin and flesh creamy-yellow. The tuber yield potential of two varieties varied between 35 and 40 t ha-1 and was better to previously released varieties in Bangladesh. Dry matter (%) of BARI SP-10 and BARI SP-11 were 28.11 % and 35.44 % respectively. These two varieties also contain 400-500 IU/100g beta carotene.


Keywords: Sweet potato, Bangladesh


Sweet potato, Bangladesh



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